verbal nouns

Verbal nouns are similar to verbal adjectives, in that they are constructed from phrases. But as the name suggests, verbal nouns turn phrases into nouns.

Verbal Noun - Past/Present Tense
A verbal noun is made from a phrase by replacing the verb with past/present tense stem + அது

Verbal Noun - Future Tense
For verbs in
  • Classes 1-4, replace the verb with verb root + வ் + -அது
  • Class 5, replace the verb with future tense stem + ப் + -அது
  • Classes 6-7, replace the verb with verb root + ப்ப் + -அது

See the lesson on Class 5 Verbs for reference on Class 5 future tense stems.

Another way of thinking about verbal nouns is this: replace the verb suffix (for nouns besides அது and அவை) with -அது. For அது and அவை in the past and present tense, also replace the verb suffix with -அது.

properties of verbal nouns

Verbal nouns can take case suffixes. When taking case suffixes, verbal nouns behave like அது. The final -அது will be replaced with whatever word அது would change to in the same situation. For example, -அது would change to -அதனால் in the instrumental case, and அதற்கு in the dative case.