"All" / listing subjects / "Or"


For the English word "all", there are two words. One word is used for people, and one word is used for non-people things.

எல்லோரும் everyone
எல்லாம் everything

To translate the word "all" when it is used as an adjective in English, insert one of the two words above after the things/people it describes. Ex:

Listing Subjects

When the subject of a sentence is a compound subject, 2 things or people are referred to. To refer to many things at the same time, you put the words in a list.

Forming a list
  1. Separate each item with a comma, then place "எல்லோரும்"/"எல்லாம்" at the end.
  2. Separate each item with a comma, then insert "மற்றும்" before the last word.

other meanings of -உம்

The suffix -உம் can also be used to mean "even" or "also". Ex:


To use the word "or" in the subject of the sentence is easy. To do that, just insert the word "அல்லது" between the two words. Ex:

It is probably more proper to use "அல்லது" in a compound sentence, especially if the 2 subjects take differently verb suffixes. Ex:

"அல்லது" can also be used with verbs. Ex: