Ordinal Numbers / Dates

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers are used to describe something's position relative to others. In other words, these are an object's rankings or placings.

ordinal numbers
To turn a number into an ordinal number, add the ending -ஆவது.

The only exception is the ordinal number for 1, which is முதலாவது. Here are the first 10 ordinal numbers:

ordinal numbers 1-10
முதலாவது first
இரண்டாவது second
மூன்றாவது third
நான்காவது fourth
ஐந்தாவது fifth
ஆறாவது sixth
ஏழாவது seventh
எட்டாவது eighth
ஒன்பதாவது ninth
பத்தாவது tenth
= irregular


The only exception to using ordinal numbers, as they are, is when naming dates such as "February 29th" or "August 13th".

Naming a date
When naming a date, the suffix "-ஆம்" is added to the number. The word "தேதி" follows the number.

The word தேதி means "date". Click learn about Thamil months and seasons. Some examples of dates (using English months):