viewing fonts

Viewing Pages in a Browser

I am using embeddable fonts in the page. If you are using MS Internet Explorer, then you might receive a pop-up box about Security. This is due to the embeddable font. Don't worry, it is secure, so just click "yes" to run the font player. (I put the font-player on my UNC webspace). If you are using Netscape 4.x, then you should automatically be able to view the fonts. If you are using any other browser (including Netscape 6.x) and would like to use your browser to see the pages, you must download the fonts.

If you download the fonts, then here are the 4 fonts you should download: boopalam.ttf, mtcorsva.ttf, spacetoa.ttf, and pristina.ttf.

viewing pages in PDF format

The alternative to the complicated things above is simply to view the pages in PDF format. A document in PDF format is a space-saving, self-contained way to view that document. For all practical purposes, a document in PDF format is no different than the same document in Microsoft Word format, except that the PDF document is typically smaller in size and simpler to use. Hence, mnay people create and distribute PDF documents.

Most people use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents. My PDF pages are compatible with versions 3.x-5.x. I haven't tested version 2.x or below because no one still uses it.

The installation for Adobe Acrobat Reader will install a plugin for MS Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers that allow them to show PDF documents in the browser itself. Therefore, you can view the PDF files in the browser as if they were webpages. You can also use the Forward and Back buttons to view the last PDF/webpage visited.

The PDF version of what I have completed so far is here.