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Family Words

There are more words in Thamil for family members, since the words are more specific about the relationship bewteen two family memebers. The number of words for family members in Thamil is perhaps a reflection that the extended family is an important part of Thamil society.

Family Words
Female Male
அம்மா mother அப்பா father
அக்கா older sister அண்ணா older brother
தங்கை younger sister தம்பி younger brother
அத்தை aunt மாமா uncle
சித்தி aunt சித்தப்பா uncle
பெரியம்மா aunt பெரியப்பா uncle
பேத்தி granddaughter பேரன் grandson
மருமகள் niece / daughter-in-law மருமகன் nephew / son-in-law


People who have a specific profession can be called by their profession. Some words are like compound words, with the name of the profession included.

காவல்காரன் policeman காவல் = police
காவல்காரி policewoman
மருத்துவர் doctor மருந்து = medicine