A command is a statement requesting somthing to be done. Examples of a command are “Read.” and “Write.” Since comands are always directed towards someone, it is optional to include the person’s name (or a pronoun) before the command.

Respect / Non-respect

In Thamil, commands have 2 forms. The first form (which is just the verb root) is the non-respect form. This form is given to people of the same age or people younger. As previously said, a verb root by itself can be used as a command without respect. The other form of commands are those given with respect.

Commands With Respect
  • For two letter roots ending in -அ or -உ: verb root + ங்கள்
  • Otherwise: verb root + உங்கள்

Forming commands with respect uses the usual rules for adding suffixes.


  • உட்கார் = “Sit.”
  • பாருங்கள் = “Look.”
  • நீ படி = “You read.”
  • நீங்கள் எழுதுங்கள் = “You write.”
  • கார்த்திக், அங்கு பேசு = “Karthik, speak there.”
  • அப்பா, நீங்கள் சமையுங்கள் = “Father, you cook.”
  • இங்கு இருங்கள் = “Stay, be here; sit here.”


Give the command with respect form of the verb.

Ex: சாப்பிடு
    You Scored % - /
  1. எடு
  2. கொடு
  3. சொல்
  4. கதை
    You Scored % - /
  1. நடங்கள்
  2. நில்
  3. பேசு
  4. பிடி